Importance of Hiring an Expert Website Broker

Over the past few years, you’ve built a great revenue generating website business, but you’re now burnt out. It’s time to cash out, however, where do you even start? Find and hire an expert website broker who will represent you throughout the entire process.

It’s not impossible to find a buyer without an experienced website broker, but a lot could go wrong. Some common mistakes sellers make include:

  • Undervaluing the business
  • Not understanding the importance of legal documentation, including:
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Letter of intent agreements
    • Asset purchase agreements
  • Conducting the sale without utilizing escrow

Even if you know you won’t make any of the common mistakes above, a professional website broker will save you time and theoretically should obtain top dollar due to comparing and multiple offers.

Benefits of an Experienced Website Broker

Selling for Top Dollar

Expert website brokers, especially those at Apex Brokerage, are going to ensure your website business will sell for top dollar. How? They will understand the true market value of your business, will have a great buyer base, will know where to locate new potential interested parties, and will negotiate not only sales price but also deal terms.

Time is Money

Even with all the connections a website broker has, it takes on average 100-140 hours and 45-60 days to sell a website business. After understanding the time commitment it takes a website brokerage to sell a business, one has to think, “Do I even have the time to take that on myself?” or “What is my time worth?”. When you entrust an experienced team like Apex Brokerage to represent the sale of your business, your time commitment drops from 100-140 hours to an estimated 10-17 hours.


There are countless horror stories of website owners getting ripped off during the sale of their business. An experienced website broker will ensure that doesn’t happen to you. At Apex Brokerage we will prepare all legal paperwork required for the sale of a website business, including Non-Disclosure Agreements, Letter of Intent Agreements, and Asset Purchase Agreements. Furthermore, we will oversee the transition of assets through managing the escrow process.

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